Bengaluru: With more than 900 million people likely to choose representatives and determine the next Prime Minister of India, the Election Commission of India announced the Lok Sabha poll dates on Sunday. Chief election commissioner Sunil Arora briefed the media with the required information on the election dates and said that the Election Commission of India has taken all the aspects into consideration before providing the election dates.

In 2014, about 9 lakh polling stations were installed across the nation, and in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, there would be approximately 10 lakh polling stations across the country. A voter's guide is also being handed over to every household.

During a briefing, Arora said that noise pollution is prohibited from 10pm to 6am. Political parties are allowed to use only eco-friendly materials which are not hazardous to the environment. Nonetheless, all the political events are to be videographed. 

While the 2019 elections will be held in seven phases, phase one on April 11, phase two on April 18, phase three on April 23, phase four on April 29, phase 5 on May 6, phase 6 on May 12 and phase 7 on May 19, the date of counting will be May 23.

Karnataka will fall under phase two where 14 constituencies will go to polls on April 18. Along with Karnataka, Puducherry's sole constituency election will be held on April 18. Tamil Nadu's 39 constituencies will also go to polls on April 18.

Polls for the other 14 Karnataka constituencies' will be held on April 23 in phase three. Along with this, Kerala's 20 constituencies will vote on the same date.

Telangana will fall under phase one where 17 constituencies will hold elections on April 11. The neighbouring state Andhra Pradesh will see polls conducted in 25 constituencies on the same date.