New Delhi/Gangtok: Hamro Sikkim Party, founded by former international footballer and India’s captain turned politician Bhaichung Bhutia, has announced to contest all 32 Assembly seats and LS seat in the coming General Elections-2019.

For the purpose Party has elected AIIMS trained lady doctor Bina Basnett as President and face of campaign.

Biraj Adhikari, chief spokesperson, Hamro Sikkim Party, told  MyNation over phone from Gangtok this morning that Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) is a beacon of alternative politics and participatory democracy. HSP is all set to change the corruption ridden politics of Sikkim with a slew of development measures aimed at sustainable and all round development of the state for the benefit of people.

A new, sustainable, people-centric economy based on the ethos and ecology of Sikkim is being unveiled and that people of Sikkim will have a real choice of good governance and dedicated leadership in place of the autocratic and money-muscle options offered by the present ruling party SDF and the anchor-less opposition party SKM, he added.

With the slogan of Naya Sikkim, Hamro Sikkim, and Whistle as its symbol, HSP is rapidly becoming the main hope of the people of Sikkim.

“Sikkim has been betrayed by both SDF and SKM, it deserves leadership that will keep the interests of the people above everything else” said Biraj Adhikari.

Adhikari also said that by projecting a young AIIMS trained lady doctor, Bina Basnett, as President and face of campaign along with Bhaichung, the youth of Sikkim have leaders who understand their view point and aspirations.

The main issues on which HSP is contesting elections are education, employment, health, tourism and agrarian economy. “These are the issues that impact the lives of people and hold the key to Sikkim’s prosperity. That is why we have decided to bring these issues into the main narrative of Sikkim politics,” said Adhikari.

“The whole country needs fresh, young and honest politicians and Dr. Bina Basnett and Baichung Bhutia exemplify that”, said Adhikari. “A woman without any political background leading a new political party is so refreshing; it bodes well for democracy and addresses the larger question of role of women in public life and Indian politics,” he added.

“I have seen Sikkim suffer under authoritarian and corrupt politicians; as a Sikkimese, I consider it my duty to stand up and use all my energy to change things and I invite all Sikkimese to join this movement of HSP to bring a new, futuristic and people-centric government in Sikkim,” said Bhaichung Bhutia.

“Basic services like health, education and infrastructure very sub-standard in Sikkim and people suffer everyday because of these; the youth feel hopeless and depressed; there is a pervasive atmosphere of doom and that is why perhaps the rate of suicide in Sikkim is amongst the highest in India. We have to start afresh and build a new Sikkim for all Sikkimese, where prosperity and happiness-for-all are the benchmarks,” said Dr Bina Basnett.