Bengaluru: On Sunday, there was a news item that spread like wildfire. 

The news was that Shaheen Bagh protesters allowed a funeral procession to pass through the site by opening the barricades. 


As the development gained traction, several people went out of their way to eulogise the protesters, saying they had done a phenomenal gesture by making way for the cortege. 
“We respect each other and by allowing the procession to pass through, we have not done anything unusual. We have allowed buses & ambulances also,” one of the protesters said while speaking to ANI. 

While the fulsome praises go on, common sense dictates that they have done no favour, but have only gone against the law by chocking the thoroughfares that connect the different parts of the national capital. 

So even a cursory glance empowers us to come to the conclusion that Shaheen Bagh protesters did not go out of their way to clear the path, but only went against the law, in the garb of protesting against the CAA and making use of the rights, as enshrined in the Constitution. 

Moreover, the same Shaheen Bagh site, has become a repository of shouting anti-India, anti-Hindu slogans. 

It was here that Sharjeel Imam shouted his lungs out for the severing of Assam from the rest of India. 

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It was here that Jinnah Wali Azadi slogans were shouted and it was here that slogans seeking freedom from Hindu clutches were also shouted. 

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The protests have been going around for almost two months now. Though the PM and the Union home minister have belaboured that CAA doesn’t concern itself with Indian citizens, there has been a wanton effort to mislead the protesters. 

All that the CAA does is to grant citizenship to non-Muslim persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan which are declared Islamic countries.