New Delhi: Divya Spandana has vanished! Well, at least from Twitter. Spandana who is also the social media head of the Congress party had a Twitter handle, @divyaspandana. But the page says, “this account doesn’t exist.”

Not just that, right before she deleted her account and the page bearing  “this account doesn’t exist" vanished into thin air as well, she reportedly deleted her designation too.
When news agency ANI asked Spandana if she was parting ways with the Congress, she had this to say, “Your source is wrong”. But very soon not only the designation but even the account disappeared.

In the last tweet before deleting her account, Spandana both curiously and interestingly congratulated Nirmala Sitharaman on assuming charge as the finance minister, the second woman to take care of the ministry since independence.

Who is Divya Spandana?

She was the most visible face of Congress, the social media head of the grand old party and also a close aide of Rahul Gandhi. 

She is also known for her many vitriolic, often derogatory anti-Modi tweets that left the party red-faced. She had compared Narendra Modi with German dictator Adolf Hitler which drew flak. Her tweet where she had compared Modi with 'birds' drop' while paying homage to Ballavbhai Patel's statue, the largest in the world forced the Congress party to officially distance itself from her. 

But twitter spares none...

For whatever reasons Spandana may have deleted her account, Twitter users had a field day. It's a ruthless place where no one is spared and memes are generated for every event. So how could she be any different?