Bengaluru: Shaheen Bagh protests, which have been going on for over two months, are allegedly being done to save the Constitution. 

It is further stated that the participants of the protests are doing it irrespective of their religions. 

In simple terms, they have portrayed themselves to be exemplars of harmony, burying all their differences and acting as one. 

But that seems to be only on a superficial basis. Reports say that when the tow interlocutors – Sanjay Hegde and Sadhana Ramachandran – met the protesters today and sought to meet them in groups, they did not accede to their demand. 

As quoted by a popular website, one of the protesters said, “There would be distrust among the rest who did not meet them in that particular group. Whatever they have to say, they should say it before all of us.”

Another protester added, “There would be no talks in groups. We are here with others. And we want everyone to listen to what others have to say.” 

On the issue of accepting terms being set by the two interlocutors, another protester said, “Why? We won’t. We are here together. We have sat here braving the rains and cold. We won’t vacate. If they want to brief the court, they should do it about CAA and NRC.”

It might be recalled that a 2-judge bench of the top court had asked Sanjay Hegde and Sadhana Ramachandran to have a word with the protestors and convince them to shift to an alternate site to continue their protests. 

The top court had also expressed its displeasure over the blockage of roads leading to traffic snarls and detours, though it held the people have the right to protest. 

The protests at CAA have been going for well over 2 months now, bringing the region to a standstill.