Delhi Police made a startling revelation about Kapil Gujjar, who fired three shots in the air at Shaheen Bagh. After firing the bullets, he declared that only Hindus will prevail in India.

The media was quick to blame the right wing for this incident. However, the police during its probe learnt that both Gujjar and his father had joined the Aam Admi Party in 2019. A police probe would now reveal on whose insistence Gujjar fired the bullets and tried to create a panic situation at Shaheen Bagh.

There have been a series of denials by both the AAP and now Kapil’s father, Gaje Singh. He said that neither he nor any of his family members were part of the AAP. I was with the BSP until 2012 and I left politics in 2012.

Now the question is if there was no AAP link at all, why had Kapil erased all the pictures from his phone and chat accounts. The Delhi Police after seizing his phone learnt that all the pictures and videos had been deleted. Further he had also deleted his WhatsApp account, which too had to be retrieved by police.

The police in fact had to recover the images with the help of the technical team. This was confirmed by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) Rajesh Deo. He said that the images clearly established that he had joined the Arvind Kejriwal led party in 2019.

Further during questioning, Kapil confessed to the police that both he and his father had joined AAP last year. In the images, Kapil is seen with AAP leaders Atishi and Sanjay Singh.

The police are currently questioning Kapil further to find out if there was a larger conspiracy. There are various other factors that we are verifying, and we will get to the bottom of this soon. For now, it appears that Kapil had deleted the images probably to conceal his links with the AAP, Delhi Police also said.

The police found that Kapil was part of several other groups. The police are analysing all the data they have at their disposal. This is important to unearth the larger conspiracy. The police, after a thorough analysis of the data will confront Kapil with the same during further interrogation.