Pakistan is deliberately trying to push its propaganda by peddling fake videos and information to the media. Latest in the series is the video of an Indian submarine, which Pakistan Navy claims has entered their territorial water and that they thwarted the attempt. 

Indian Navy has rubbished their claim and it has also emerged that the video is old as similar footage is available on the internet.

Multiple media outlets in Pakistan on Tuesday carried a story of an Indian submarine trying to enter Pakistan territory. They were provided with grainy footage of what the Pakistan Navy claimed was evidence of an Indian submarine entering Pakistani maritime territory.

However, busting Pakistan’s lie, the Indian government said that the submarine video, which was released by Pakistan, is an old one.

The video first appeared in November 2016 and has been deliberately being circulated to change the narrative of action against terrorism. Pakistan is floating fake news about Indian military action, while portraying them in good light.

“If you compare the two videos that Pakistan is putting out (on Indian submarines)... they are identical. We (India) are not in their vicinity, Pakistan is doing this to divert attention,” said a senior official.

Taking to Twitter, the Indian Navy also clarified its stance, saying, “The Indian Navy remains deployed as necessary to protect National Maritime Interests. Over the past several days, we have witnessed Pakistan indulging in false propaganda and spread of misinformation."

“The Indian Navy does not take cognisance of such propaganda. Our deployment remains undeterred,” it added, referring to its joint press conference on February 28.


The Pakistan Navy released the infrared footage showing a periscope and radio antenna of a submarine above the water surface, whereas the rest of the vessel remains submerged. The timestamp on the footage shows that it was recorded around 8:35 pm on March 4. 


Speaking to media, the Pakistani Navy spokesman said that their navy de-escalated a possible maritime confrontation with India. “In order to maintain peace, the Indian submarine was not targeted, which is a reflection of Pakistan's desire for peace,” the Pakistani Navy spokesperson was quoted.

Earlier, Pakistani media quoting government officials claimed that they have shot down India’s Sukhoi Jet during the mid-air face-off between the jets of the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Pakistani Air Force (PAF) on February 26, which again prove to be fake.

The spokesperson for Pakistan’s armed forces Major General Asif Gafoor had claimed that two jets of the Indian Air Force were shot down and three Indian pilots were in Pakistani territory. This number was later revised to one IAF jet down and one Indian pilot arrested. However, claims of the IAF Sukhoi jet being shot down were amplified in Pakistani news outlets, which continued without correction.