Bengaluru: You might all be aware of a person by name Saket Gokhale. A few days ago, he had been gloating over how he had exposed the Union home ministry over the “Tukde Tukde Gang” information. 

But he was brutally exposed for his ignorance as the term was and is still a part of colloquial parlance, and it is common sense that the Union home ministry can’t keep a file of such slangs. 
Now, close on the heels, he is back again with his tomfoolery. This time, he put out a tweet saying the punitive action taken by several airlines against Kunal Kamra for heckling Arnab Goswami on IndiGo flight was not legal and also, not in consonance with due procedure. 

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But a stinging clarification by the DGCA exposed his hollowness. 

Read the tweet here: 


The DGCA clarification clearly throws its weight behind the action taken by the airlines, thereby upholding the much-needed punishment to keep law and order and security intact. 

In the garb of freedom of speech and expression, pseudos like Kunal Kamra have thrown all levels of decency to the dustbin. 

Not once, but twice did Kunal Kamra tried to attack journo Arnab Goswami. Once while he was travelling on IndiGo from Mumbai to Lucknow and two, with reversed destinations, but on GoAir. 

There are reports that he even tried to physically assault Arnab but was held back, all thanks to the intervention of flight crew. 

But right throughout the dangerous histrionics mid-air, Arnab Goswami maintained his poise and remained calm, thereby not giving any scope for matters to worsen. 

The airlines were forced to take action keeping in mind the security of the other passengers. 

The latest clarification by DGCA must prove to be a lesson for mischief-mongers who go on peddling lies to suit their whims and fancies.