Ayodhya: A resident of Ayodhya, Sandeep Verma who is a devotee of Lord Ram has decided to donate 51,000 bricks with the name Ram engraves on it to construct Ram temple in Ayodhya. 

Bhatta Malik has started the work and all these bricks will have the name Ram on it. The owner of the brick kiln Sandeep said these bricks would be used to lay the foundation. 

According to Sandeep, as soon as the verdict was announced in favour of the Ram Mandir, "I decided to donate these bricks for the foundation of the Ram temple. I started work to prepare 51,000 bricks," he said.

"I have prepared these bricks with a lot of care and cleanliness. No one is allowed to walk inside with footwear. At least 18 workers are preparing these bricks," he added.

He expressed immense happiness about the Supreme Court verdict on the Ayodhya case. Currently, he has kept 4,500 bricks ready. He wants to send all the 51,000 bricks before the construction of Ram mandir starts. 

In early November, devotees from Tamil Nadu's Rameshwaram carried bricks on their head to contribute them for the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. The devotees were seen worshipping the bricks and later picking it up on their head, singing Lord Ram's hymns and boarding the train from Rameshwaram to Faizabad.

The Supreme Court on November 9 had delivered the historic Ayodhya verdict, where it allocated the disputed land to Ramjanmbhhoomi Nyas to build the temple and asked the authorities concerned to provide alternate land of 5-acres for the Sunni Waqf Board to build the temple.