Bengaluru: Two sisters have profited remarkably from their sandal business. 

The sisters – Nazish and Insha – design sandals and sell them online, earning phenomenally! 

Everything started in 2016 when their brother inspired them to start an online business as he prophesied that the market would grow humongously. 

What started with a paltry sum of Rs 300 slowly but surely flourished into a profitable business. Today, the sisters sell their products online and have orders internationally as well. 

Insha says, “The financial condition of our house was not very good. Papa used to run a needle-yarn shop, but he focused completely on our studies. There was no shortage of any kind, even if he had to borrow for it. Nazish was good at studies, she wanted to further become a Chartered Accountant (CA) or bank officer, but in 2016 our brother spoke about online business. He said that there is going to be a lot of growth in the online sector in the coming years, most of the markets are shifting online. We should also do something in this sector”.

The sisters design sandals differently. When they posted their first design on Instagram account, they had to wait for four months to get an order. Inspired by this order, they opened their own page called ‘Talking Toe’. The page gained traction and the number of customers also increased. 

It is interesting to note that they have customers from US, Mauritius, UK and Italy as well. 

Employment opportunities: 

It is heartening to note that the two sisters have also employed a few women. 

Uniquely, the two sisters also design sandals of one’s choice. You can send your design to them, according to which, they will design your sandals. 

Indeed, the will to do things differently and the ability to adapt yourselves to changing times will take you places.