New Delhi: This Delhi woman's tweets are getting praised on social media. She was molested last year on board a premier train by a drunk co-passenger.

She tweeted about the incident and what to do about when you are molested on a train. Her tweet has been retweeted more than 3,000 times.

“I was molested in a Shatabdi (train) and this is my thread on how to go about with the legal process,” she tweeted.

She added that the common thinking that a woman has to visit a court repeatedly for hearing is not true. She said the molested women should only go to court once.

When the incident took place, the woman was traveling out of Delhi in December 2018. She wrote the first thing a woman can do is to scream loud and alert co-passengers, even if they don't help then inform them to call the police or ticket checker.

In her incident too, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) came and escorted the person outside the cabin. She said victims should not give up, clear up their minds and file an FIR. It may take some time but still file the FIR, she said. She then said every railway station will have a police station.

She said, after the incident, a policeman came and asked her to drop the case. The police even asked her to think of the molester's family and children.

She said she didn't give up and the next day she reached court. Interestingly the court too warned her of the consequences. She wrote that the victim needs to go to court only once and needed to carry the summons.