Bengaluru: Former Mumbai Police chief Julio Ribeiro wrote a letter to the Delhi police, raising doubts over the fairness in the investigation.

“I realise that it is difficult, indeed impossible, to justify the licence given to the three BJP stalwarts I named — licence to rant, rave and threaten those were peacefully protesting perceived wrongs. If the speakers were Muslims or Leftists, the police would have surely taken them in for sedition,” Ribeiro had written.   

He had also said, “Harsh and Apoorvanand are Gandhians. I should have remembered that Gandhians have lost favour with this regime!” 

Now, as many as 26 former police officers have shot back a letter, asking him how he came to the conclusions that he has come to. Apart from that, they have also accused him of siding with anti-India elements like Umar Khalid, who is accused of raising “Bharat ki Barbadi Tak Jung Rahegi” slogans.

"The Delhi Police has every right and duty to investigate the role of any such person, and the custodial investigation is a part of due process of law. The accused has his rights under the law to seek anticipatory bail or a regular bail, as the case may be, and the right to a fair trial where he can prove himself innocent," they wrote. 

They further said, "To suspect or question the integrity and professionalism of their successors in the Indian Police Service, and in turn demoralise them. Such posturing and adverse commentary by such officers may demotivate the police officers and dilute their firm resolve to act against the criminals, including those who incite communal divide in India by instigating riots."

 The Delhi police commissioner had spoken to the former IPS and it is reported that he did not have first-hand information relating to Delhi riots. 

At least, this letter should put things in perspective.