Bengaluru: Remember Zafarul Islam? 

He is the chairman of Delhi minorities commission who had put up a provocative speech on his Facebook account. 

The Delhi police have now summoned him for interrogation. 

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In his Facebook post, he had said that Indian Muslims enjoy goodwill in Arab countries. And he also went to the extent of saying that if Indian Muslims seek the help of Arab countries, they would get help from these Arab countries by the “avalanche”.

In fact, he even went to hail Zakir Naik, the fanatic Muslim preacher as one who is respected in the Arab countries.

Well, an FIR had been lodged against him and the probe is on. A sedition case too has been filed against him.

Well, his statement came as a rude shock. It is beyond our comprehension how people like him come up with such horrific and antinational thoughts.

And there are others who extend their support to nitwits like Zafarulah Islam Khan. What is a greater concern for all of us sane-thinking Indians is not necessarily the incendiary and inflammatory provocations like Khan’s but the support they get by so-called educated people.

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As several websites have reported, prominent Muslim leaders have sought the withdrawal of FIR against Chairman of the Delhi Minorities Commission Zafarul Islam Khan.

They said, "We condemn the action by the Delhi Police against Dr Zafarul Islam Khan. The biased role of Delhi Police has once again been exposed by its action against the Chairman of the Delhi Minorities Commission over something he had tweeted. 

They further added, "One may differ with the content of Dr Khan's tweet and he had issued a clarification regarding the same. This kind of action during the lockdown, exactly before iftar time, against the head of a quasi-judicial institution, gives an idea about the level to which the police can stoop."