Bengaluru: Delhi is all set to hold the trial run of Hydrogen-blended CNG (H-CNG) powered city buses. 

Due to massive pollution levels harming the environment, Hydrogen is being looked upon as the secondary fuel to due to its carbon-free operation. 

HCNG refers to Hydrogen blended Compressed Natural Gas. Researchers have found out that it has the advantages of both hydrogen and methane. 


"IndianOil's R&D Centre had developed a patented compact reforming process for H-CNG production directly from natural gas. The technology has been successfully proved for its benefits concerning emissions, mileage and durability through extensive studies at a demonstration unit installed at its Faridabad campus," the Indian Oil Corporation said in a statement on Friday.

The statement further added, "Hon'ble Supreme Court had taken cognisance of IndianOil's patented technology and its likely benefits and had advised IndianOil and the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MOP&NG) to conduct trials using 18 per cent H-CNG fuel on 50 buses in Delhi.” 

Here are a few more characteristics of the blend: 

Hydrogen is an excellent additive to improve the combustion of hydrocarbon fuel due to its low ignition energy, high reactivity, diffusivity and burning velocity.

The rapid increase in the emission of greenhouse gases and very strict environmental legislation are major motivating factors for the usage of hydrogen in fuel cells and internal combustion engines.

Since hydrogen infrastructure and refuelling stations are not meeting the demand, the widespread introduction of hydrogen vehicles is not possible in the near future. One of the solutions for this hurdle is to blend hydrogen with methane. 

"In India's quest to promote Hydrogen as a clean fuel for the mobility sector, Hydrogen-blended CNG (H-CNG) is emerging as an excellent interim technology for achieving emissions reduction and import substitution." (source:

In order to use this technology, minimum modification in existing vehicles needed. Hence it becomes all the more efficient.