Bengaluru: While the entire nation is struggling to cope with the Coronavirus consequences and authorities are pleading to the citizens to follow guidelines in order to keep themselves and the society at large safe, women protesters at Shaheen Bagh have refused to leave the place. 

Today, a meeting between the women and the police took place 100 meters away from the venue. But sources say that the women are unrelenting. 

As reported by a popular website, the local police station SHO and ACP Jagdish Yadav were present on behalf of the police while 20 women represented the protesters.

ACP Yadav said: "You have been protesting here from last several months, during which we provided you full security. Now, we request you to vacate the main road and protest at some other place." 

When the women who represented the protesters during the talks with the police informed the other protesters about the police appeal to vacate the second part of the road for the traffic, they refused unanimously. Most of the women at Shaheen Bagh said that the protest will end only after the government withdraws the CAA.
Interestingly, the top court had appointed lawyer Sanjay Hegde and another lawyer to have a word with them. But even after several attempts, the women have not relented. The court resume hearing on the case next week. 

The top court had also observed that though the women enjoyed the right to protest, their right could not come in the way of other people as their right to use the roads had been infringed upon. 
It is high time the protesters understood the intensity of the situation and left the place, for they will only be endangering the lives of others by staying put there.