The political discourse in our country has moved to quite an offensive side now, particularly the "Liberals". These English-speaking people often pass patriarchal and homophobic slurs, but they claim to be the feminist crusaders. They are supposed to be role models for our kids. But, they often forget that. They don't even think twice before making absolute bigoted statements. These Liberal leaders do not actually represent the true essence of Indian society.

We have recently seen Shashi Tharoor comparing Arvind Kejriwal to eunuchs. He said that just like eunuchs, even Kejriwal has got into the habit of power without responsibilities. This is absolutely unacceptable. When the present government has been trying its best to incorporate the sexually persecuted into the mainstream, leaders like these seem to be taking the society again further down the dungeon. We have abolished regressive laws like Section 377; still, these marginal sexualities are yet again treated as fringes by their so-called emancipators. The next one in this queue is Anurag Kashyap. In his tweets, he spoke of the Prime Minister of India in an extremely demeaning language. Of course, it isn’t mandatory that everybody has to agree with the government always, but we should always respect the people in the government as they represent our country. He has abused the Prime Minister of the nation where he himself resides. The third crusader is the Marxist leader Kanhaiya Kumar. He felt that wearing bangles is equivalent to abuse. I think he has forgotten that India is a society where women are equated to power. So, wearing bangles isn’t a sign of the powerless, rather it is a sign of strength.

Leaders like these need to be removed from the limelight as the youth of our country deserve leaders who show them the right way. The youth deserves leaders who are truly their role models — for those who do not even know how to respect others, how can they be our representatives.