Greta Thunberg has recently taken the internet by storm. She is a 16-year-old Swedish girl, who hails from a family of actors. Her “How dare you” video has gone viral and has even become a top trend on Twitter. Deep Dive with Abhinav Khare explores how the leftists are lacking a worldwide icon as the world has decided to vote for nationalist leaders. Thus, in a desperate bid to gain the limelight, they found this 16-year-old girl as their guinea pig. Greta is yet another engineered icon just like Malala, who was awarded the Nobel peace prize.


Even in the video that went viral we have noticed how parroted her lines were. This is wrong, indeed. A child deserves to have a childhood and not carry the burden of offering the limelight to unsuccessful parents. These kids should be in school studying and deciding for themselves. Instead, fame-thirsty parents push them to be a part of rallies in a bid to win the Nobel prize, if lucky. Anything for fame, even sacrificing the childhood of their own children.

Greta started out her journey as a 15-year-old protesting against climate change outside the Swedish Parliament. And recently, her UN speech went viral. The reason why this entire situation stinks is that when she was posed with a so called “out-of-syllabus” question, she was unable to answer. If someone is passionate about any topic, they should be able to answer any given question at any point in time.

On the one hand we have fabricated icons like Greta, on the other hand we have unsung heroes like Saalumarada Thimakka who planted thousands and thousands of trees without wanting an iota of recognition. There are many more such environmentalists who have sacrificed their lives for the cause. But such is the harsh reality - instead of recognising them, the world runs after artificially created icons like Greta and Malala.

I support the environmental causes she stands for. I am against these media portals, actresses, Facebook groups and other channels which join hands to create same type of content to make these fabricated icons go viral. We won’t realise the gravity of the situation and would be supporting the causes and the person. Very soon we will find them speaking against Indians, Indian culture, our values, Hinduism and obviously Kashmir. Thus, we should prevent this iconising of every other person and should properly research before putting anyone up on a pedestal. 

About Abhinav Khare: 

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