The Hyderabad encounter case has been very confusing for me. The parents of Nirbhaya have hailed this encounter as they believe justice has been served at least for someone, whereas they are still waiting for it. Many feel that when our justice system fails, we need to take such strong steps to ensure the rapists are punished. The criminals have time and again challenged our society, our courts and our entire justice system as we have found such crimes against women only increasing with time. But, does this mean that we ignore our constitution and take matters into our own hands to ensure justice? Is mob justice the answer to women safety?


This recent rape and murder of this young girl was already gruesome beyond all imagination. This immediate encounter that followed sent the entire nation in a frenzy. The nation was immediately divided into two opinions, one who hailed and gleefully cheered them and the others who were horrified. People have raised genuine pertinent questions: What if there was a fifth rapist as well? This would imply that we are letting a sexual offender escape. What if this becomes a norm? Then people would be executed without even getting a right to defend themselves. Sometimes, the cases of rape turn out to be fake. So, were does justice go then?

Women safety is a multi-faceted problem whose solution still remains unknown. We need immediate judicial and police reforms which will ensure that such cases are fast-tracked, and the charge sheets are filed properly. But will it solve the problem? Rapists are usually undeterred by punishments. We haven’t seen rapes decreasing even when capital punishments have been offered to the rapists. It shows that we need to change our culture. Whenever such incidents come to light, we often restrict the women and ask them to be home within a deadline. Why can’t we ask the men to behave? It is now upon us to ensure that this country becomes safe for our women so that they can walk freely on the roads without worrying about the time. Jai Hind!

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