The term 'Artificial Intelligence' sounds intimidating to many of us, but it is extremely common for some decades now. In fact, it is more common than we all can imagine. AI is integrated in almost all aspects of our lives now. From emails, to directions, to even starting a new business, AI helps us everywhere.

Whenever we hear about the term Artificial Intelligence, we always imagine it to be a part of some sci-fi movie where the robots have taken over the world. But, AI in reality is a way of enabling people to achieve more, much more! Abhinav Khare deep dives to discover how AI can enable us to achieve great heights and make life simpler by collaborating with different software.


We should always strive to give technology a human face. Technology that can gather huge volumes of data, learn from that data, understand our language and reply to us in that language itself, with precision. Technology that can see and construe the world just like humans!

We use apps like Google Maps to see the traffic on road, or road block due to construction, or to just find the fastest route to our destination, we use it every day! What is it? It is the simplest use of AI which has won enough credibility in our lives to create such dependency. Slowly and steadily, we shall be integrating AI in many such ways in our lives. AI shall be used for career counselling of our kids, or for doctors to determine the future course for complicated surgeries.

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Our lives have been impacted by AI in every way. From ride sharing, to connecting with friends, to using email. It is not just from now; it has been there since decades now. It is being said that AI shall become the new infrastructure that might lead to the second industrial revolution.

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