British archaeologist Mortimer Wheeler proposed The Aryan Invasion Theory. He wrote a few letters to his friends during the 1940s to prove how racist he was. He wrote that being in India made him feel that he was back in the 1800s which imply that to him India was behind a century from the British. I think he forgot to mention that when they were involved in a blood bath, we were solving our issues through debates and discussions.

The Viceroy gave him a hidden mandate. Why?


After the revolt of 1857, the British were scared that their control over India may diminish. So, they came up with the theory of divide and rule. They said that most people in India aren’t locals; they do not belong to India. They are outsiders who had invaded the Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilisations. The “fair-skinned” north Indians are the invaders and the “dark-skinned” south Indians are the original inhabitants.

Abhinav Khare deep dives to find out what was the need for this Aryan Invasion Theory?

The Sanatan Dharma or the Sanatan Sabhyata was far evolved than the western civilisations. We were better off in all domains and sectors. So, the only way for them to control Indians was to make them feel inferior. First, create a racial divide based on colour and then create a north-south divide to polarise them further. This was just not a theory, this was a framework that was created to ensure Indians could never unite and continue fighting amongst themselves.

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However, there are still many historians who continue to believe this theory. This becomes a threat to our society if incorrect facts are being propagated. In a recent archaeological excavation in Rakhigari in Haryana, few skeletons were discovered. The DNA test results of these skeletons reveal that there were no similarities of this DNA with any civilisation around the globe. This proves that Aryans are indeed a part of India and not someone who invaded us. Successive governments have propagated the same theory, but now these theories have finally been proven wrong.

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