Bharat Ki Yeh Kahani, Sadiyon Se Bhi Puraani,

Hai Gyan Ki Yeh Ganga, Rishiyon Ki Amar Vaani

Our shastras have taught us that there are four yugas: Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug and Kaliyug. From Kaliyug there will be a transition phase and the world will again enter into Dwaparyug. This transition phase is called Pralay and it will witness huge turmoil and turbulence. It is said that India is going through Pralay now.


The Satyug, also known as Krita Yug was referred to as the Golden age. It was a time where there was no crime or malice. It was a yug that was governed by the gods: Brahma the Creator, Visnu the Presever and Shiva the Destroyer. According to Puranas, the Satya Yuga spanned 1,728,000 years.

In Satyug, we find all the pillars of Dharma intact. It was the yuga where knowledge, meditation and penance held the highest value. In this yuga, people would only believe in good deeds. Nobody would accuse and point fingers at others. There was no ego, sorrow, violence, malice, jealousy, fear, anger or even lethargy. People in this yuga would never fall sick. It is said the life expectancy in Satyug was almost 4000 years.

The most astounding feature of this yuga was that it was devoid of any crimes. Ever wondered why?

This yuga was the most equal yuga possible. There were no rich or poor. Everybody stayed together as one. There was no labour or disease. Wants would be attained by sheer will and there was no place for greed. Meditation gave people the power to turn their thoughts into reality. Meditation was the way to self-realisation.  This method changed to penance in Tretayug and yagya or hawan in Dwaparyug.

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In Kaliyug, meditation is now a forgotten art. It is said in Bhagwat Geeta that self-realisation in Kaliyug is now restricted to just idol worship. It is said that now only one of the four pillars of Dharma remain, and it will diminish due to the increasing crime, poverty and diseases.

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