Bengaluru: Here’s the tale of two brothers. 

Meet Raunak Kumar and Raman Kumar. One is an engineering graduate while the other is an MBA. 


Interestingly, both have taken up tea business. They are indeed reaping rich profits as well. 

They cultivate lemon grass and make tea from it and supply it all over the country. This startup is earning 4 to 5 lakh rupees every month, notes Dainik Bhaskar. 

Raman, 26, says that during his MBA he realized that most of his peers were giving priority to startups over jobs. Therefore, during the first semester, he got himself registered as a company called Agrofeeder. Since his family background has been in farming, he also decided to work in the same sector.

Raman says, “I watched farming very closely. I knew its modus operandi. That's why I decided to put my business mind into farming so that other farmers also get some benefit and do not have to flee”. 

It was on these lines that Raman started lemon grass cultivation in 2018. Later, Raunak also quit his job and joined it. Now Raman's wife also helps both of them in this work.

It is to be noted that they cultivated lemon grass initially. They supplied it to others. Using the grass, they (the buyers) used to make oil or medicinal products. 

But all thanks to the lockdown last year, the leaves did not sell. The brothers did not know what to do. That is when they die their R&D on the internet and understood that the leaves can be used to make tea. 

The brothers’ company employs around 10 people. They don’t just grow leaves but market it as well. 

Every month, they sell around 4-5 thousand packets. 

Now they also have set up franchises all across the country. 

In this way, they have been successful siblings, earning well.