New Delhi: Weeks after BJP MLA from Indore Akash Vijayvargiya was caught on camera beating a municipal officer, the saffron party is yet to take action against him. This despite the fact that even Prime Minister Narendra Modi had condemned the incident.

Showing strong displeasure against Akash, who was jailed for four days for hitting a government official with a cricket bat in Indore, PM Modi had reportedly said that such people have no place in the party and should be thrown out.

But after several weeks, there are no updates on the action that was taken since the incident.

This comes after action was taken against BJP MLA from Uttarakhand Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion who was seen brandishing guns in a video that went viral on social media.

Champion was seen consuming alcohol and brandishing pistols and revolvers while dancing to a Bollywood number. Champion had claimed that the video of him brandishing guns was edited.

"The video which has gone viral is edited and an intrusion into my privacy. I never used abusive words against anyone as is being shown by the media," he told a news channel.

The guns with which he is seen dancing were "licensed, unloaded and not pointed at anyone", he said, adding that "there was nothing wrong in dancing with guns". He said he had been playing with guns since his childhood.

Accusing the media of not showing the positive side of his personality, he claimed at the age of 53 he was the fittest lawmaker in the country.

"Show me a single four times MLA who has my level of fitness at the age of 53 and is as highly qualified as me. I am defying age. But the media never shows these positive aspects of my personality," Champion said.

However, taking cognisance of the viral video, the BJP sent him a show-cause notice and made a recommendation to the central leadership of the party for stern action against him saying indiscipline cannot be tolerated.