Chennai: Death of Mohan Rangachari, also known as Crazy Mohan, came as a shock to friends, family and fans alike. But soon after the news broke out, rumours of his ill-health surfaced on the internet.

A user on Twitter claimed that the actor had suffered heart-burn a day before he suffered a massive cardiac arrest. The user even claimed that an ECG was not conducted on Mohan. The Twitter user said that had the hospital conducted an ECG, they could have found that something was amiss. Not stopping at that, the user further stated that Mohan was a diabetic.

This thread was widely retweeted and gained traction, which then led to Maadhu Balaji, Crazy Mohan’s brother, publishing a video to dispel the rumours.

In the video, Maadhu Balaji thanked everyone who contacted him and his family members to convey their condolences. He further stated that the time had come to upload a video about his brother because the family is in shock over Mohan’s death because he hadn’t died out of any disease or difficulty. He added that the demise was very sudden and came as a rude shock for everyone in the family.

Maadhu said that he met Mohan the morning of June 10 after a morning walk and he was very humorous as usual. Maadhu clarified that Mohan wasn’t a diabetic not did he suffer from high BP, as claimed by a few on social media. He said he received a call at about 9.45 am, saying he had trouble breathing and that his lower abdomen was paining. Maadhu rushed to Mohan’s residence and saw him gasping for breath and immediately took him to Kauvery hospital in a car.

Maadhu also placed on record his tremendous appreciation for the team of doctors in Kauvery, who attended to Mohan during his final moments. He said that the doctors tried their level best to retrieve Mohan but it was a massive heart attack and fate had a role to play.

The brother requested people not to spread false information about Mohan’s health or about doctors not doing their job properly.

“Even the night before, he wrote 12 hymns in the name of God. It was destiny. He just left us all grieving. This is my personal request to all of you. He was hale and healthy till his last and died a sudden death. This is just sudden and it has come as a rude shock to all of us,” he said in the video he had uploaded.


Following this, the Twitter user, who made the allegations, deleted the original tweet, and posted an apology while maintaining that one part of the tweet was correct.