Mumbai: Andheri Oshiwara Police have filed a case of sexual assault and rape against CPI(M) Kerala secretary Kodiyeri Balkrishnan's eldest son Binoy Vinodini Balakrishnan. The incident came to light after a woman, hailing from Bihar, filed a complaint stating that with the fake promise of marriage, Binoy Vinodini Balakrishnan raped her.

It is also mentioned in her complaint that Binoy was sexually assaulting her for over 10 years (2008-2018) and she has an 8-year-old child in the relationship. The 33-year-old woman was working as a bar dancer in Dubai. 

According to sources, Binoy used to visit the bar where the victim used to work. He even asked her to quit her job and promised to marry the victim. It is alleged that the victim and Binoy had their child in 2018 and in 2010, the duo shifted to a flat in Andheri, Mumbai. Binoy used to visit the flat frequently and sent money to the victim. In 2018, the woman came to know that Binoy is married to another woman and she also confronted him with this. 

After this incident, the woman started to get death threats. Following this, she filed a complaint with the police.

Last year, a Dubai-based company had approached the CPI(M) politburo and alleged that Kodiyeri's son cheated them to the tune of Rs 13 crore. The company has told the party politburo that if they do not take steps to ensure that the money is returned, they will initiate legal proceedings in Dubai, including approaching Interpol.

Later, Binoy has produced a 'clearance certificate' from the Dubai Police to prove that he did not face any criminal case in the UAE. The certificate, dated January 1, 2018, vouches for Binoy’s "good conduct and behaviour" till the issuance date of the certificate. Another document from a Dubai court also proves that Binoy has no cases pending against him.