Bengaluru: As India gasps for breath, Oil and Gas PSUs under the ministry of petroleum and natural gas, are extending their helping hand to support the nation in its efforts to combat the second wave of the COVID 19 pandemic. 

In this regard, they are specifically working to find transportation solutions for Liquid Oxygen, a statement from the ministry said. 

It added that presently, there are 12 tankers and 20 ISO containers with the capacity of 650 MT. The figure is going to improve substantively, with the numbers likely to go up to 26 tankers and 117 ISO containers by the end of this month, with the capacity of 2314 MT.95 ISO Containers are being purchased, with a capacity of 1940 Metric Tonne. Orders have already been placed for 30 ISO Containers, with the capacity of 650 MT while negotiations are underway for the remaining containers.

Orders have been placed for ten thousand cylinders of 40/ 50 litre capacity and 300 cylinders of larger capacity (150 of 500 litre and 150 of 450 litre).  Dispatch of these cylinders is likely to begin soon.

Indian railways, air force and DRDO pitch in

With the oxygen clamour hitting the roof, the railways is running what is called Oxygen Express. These Oxygen Expresses have transported tons and tons of the all-important gas to several parts of the country. 

At the same time, IAF has pressed its giant aircraft to ferry oxygen. The DRDO too has transferred its oxygen making technology so that it can be used to save lives. On the other hand, the NHAI has waived off toll fee for tankers supplying oxygen. 

Apart from supplying oxygen, these bodies have also been taking active part in building hospitals so that more beds are available to patients in order to facilitate them to get treatment.