Bengaluru: On Monday, when Circle Inspector Sathyanarayana was on night rounds, he noticed a crowd gathered outside Arka Hospital in North Bengaluru's Yelahanka New Town.

On inquiry, the police learnt that the hospital would run out of oxygen shortly. Time was of the essence for 20 patients.

Immediately, Sathyanarayana and his team searched other hospitals for few cylinders as a stop-gap arrangement. Meanwhile, a call was also given to Bollywood actor Sonu Sood's charity foundation.

The actor responded positively, and within an hour, his Bengaluru team headed by Hasmath Raza arrived with over a dozen oxygen cylinders.

Recalling the incident, the police officer said, timely intervention prevented a catastrophe.

"We were relieved that we along with Sood's team were able to save 20 lives," Circle Inspector Sathyanarayana said.

Later, the actor connected with the officer and his team via Zoom call and expressed gratitude for reaching out to him. He even promised to take the police personnel out for lunch once the pandemic situation settles down.