Bengaluru: The viral vengeance unleashed on India has hit the country hard. 

People are ferreting for oxygen, oxygen beds, ventilators and even hospitals. 

This being the case, every citizen is doing his best to help others. 

Cricketer Hanuma Vihari too is not to be left far behind. 

The right-handed batsman is currently not in India. But his heart bleeds for his countrymen. Staying abroad, he has ensured he contributed back home, in whatever capacity he can, to alleviate the sufferings. 

"I don't want to glorify myself. I am doing it with the intention of helping people at the ground level, who actually need every help possible in these difficult times. It is just the start," he says as quoted by PTI. 

Using his followers, he has reached out to people in search of beds and other things. 

"With the second wave being so strong, getting a bed became a difficulty and that is something which is unthinkable. So, I decided to use my followers as my volunteers and help as many people as I can," he said.

"My goal is to actually mainly reach out to those people who are not able to afford or arrange for plasma, beds and essential medicine. But this is not enough. I would like to do more service in the future," Vihari added.

But a modest Vihari deflects all the praises he gets for his noble work to the volunteers. 

"I have around 100 people on a WhatsApp group as volunteers and it's their hard work that we have been able to help a few people. Yes, I am a cricketer, well known but I am able to help because of their untiring efforts to reach the distressed," said Vihari.

"I started as one and now we have many friends on different platforms through my following on social media. I send them requests I get and they do the search. I chip in if any recommendations are required or to post on social media," Vihari said.

It is people like him who exhibit a sense of care and concern for fellow-beings. 

Kudos to such beings!