Bengaluru: As India struggles to get oxygen, ventilators, hospital beds and concentrators, a local Kashmiri has designed a concentrator prototype that is affordable. 

India Today adds the innovator, 60-year-old Mohammad Ismail Mir, has a penchant for such innovations and is nicknamed ‘Newton’. 

He adds, “It took me around 20 days to make this prototype. It functions just like any other oxygen concentrator. It automatically provides oxygen and removes blockages if they are formed in it”. 

On the issue of how many people the prototype may support, he said, “It will depend on the kind of compressor and filter we use. For one person we will use small ones and for more patients, the parts will have to be accordingly modified”. 

Ismail is confident that someone will come to take the project forward and adds that the prototype doesn’t cost greater than Rs 10k to Rs 15k. 

Not able to study beyond class 12, Ismail did not lose his interest in his scientific innovations. 

The website adds that during the first wave of Covid-19, he had designed a prototype of an automatic ventilator. His work was widely appreciated. In 2008, he designed a lantern with a motion sensor with a fire alarm installation.