Bengaluru: When a government implements any policy or any security measure, it is implicit that it would have taken the decision keeping in mind the welfare of its citizens.

As incumbent as it is on the government to safeguard the lives of the people, the people too are equally accountable in following the guidelines it issues.

It’s only with mutual cooperation that the schemes implemented for the welfare of the people see the light of day and fulfil their purpose.

This is what the Union health ministry spokesperson said yesterday (March 31) in this regard.

He said, "Challenge is to understand that if the government is trying to act proactively towards managing the situation, we request that all the technical guidelines be implemented. If we miss one case, the threat will not be accountable by any model. This is a challenge for all of us today.”

Underlining the importance of social distancing yet again, the spokesperson said, "Those practising social distancing is doing this for himself, his society and his family.”

The Nizamuddin event in Delhi in which around 3500 people participated is a classic example to understand why people must follow discipline and help the government realise its goals.

It is to be noted that the congregation continued to persist even after Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal issued orders not to have such events.

As thousands attended it, it is needless to say that social distancing would be compromised with.

As we write this article, news has emerged that a J&K businessman travelled to be a part of this event and later went to UP and back to J&K. He has even been termed a “super spreader”.

It is also reported that he travelled by train, bus and even flights wherever he went.

In simple terms, unless and until the citizenry takes active, wilful and sincere steps in collaboration with the government, the malaise can’t be tamed robustly.