New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on the occasion of Constitution Day and said that the Constitution of India is a holy book.

Highlighting both rights and duties of the citizens is the special aspect of our Constitution. Let us think about how we can fulfil the duties mentioned in our Constitution, said PM Modi.

Today is a historic day. "70 years ago, we adopted our great Constitution. The holy book of the nation is an amalgamation of our traditions, cultures, practices, preferences etc. It is also a solution to the problems we face," he said.

If the Constitution has to be explained in two phrases, it would be 'dignity for Indians and unity for India'. It has kept the dignity of Indians intact and has kept the nation united, he added.

PM Modi termed the Indian Constitution as world's most impartial Constitution.  

Earlier, while speaking at Mann Ki Baat too, PM Modi had hailed Constitution of India. He had said that he hopes 'Constitution Day' reinforces obligation towards upholding Constitutional ideals, values.

"I hope that the 'Constitution Day' reinforces our obligation towards upholding the Constitutional ideals and values thus contributing to nation-building. After all, this was the dream of the makers of our Constitution," Modi said during the radio address. "My dear countrymen, November 26 is Constitution Day and it is a special day for the whole country," PM Modi had underlined.

Meanwhile, Congress' interim president Sonia Gandhi read a copy of the Indian Constitution in front of the Ambedkar Statue in the Parliament. Leaders of Opposition parties are protesting in Parliament premises today, opposing BJP's govt formation in Maharashtra.

 (With ANI inputs)