Bengaluru: The Congress party, which boasts and brags about its inclusiveness principle, often finds itself in a quandary. 

Just a day ago, the Congress party took the harshest step of suspending Aditi Singh, Congress MLA from Rae Bareli. Reasons? Well, she endeavoured and exercised her right to dissent and question Priyanka Gandhi’s charade of a thousand buses. 

Anyone who dares to talk about Sonia Gandhi faces punishment. And the Congress makes no bones about it. 

But a truly secular party, a party that honours all religions, sects, castes and creeds, must take some form of action against a party member who decides to hurt the sentiments of a particular faith. 

It is no secret that Congress leader from Haryana Pankaj Punia has hurt the sentiments of Hindus by tweeting a heresy content on necromania, attributing it to Hindus. 
In one of his tweets, he said, “These people, (BJP and its supporters) are the ones who exhume corpses and rape them. They get naked in front of their daughters and masturbate while chanting Jai Shri Ram slogans.” 

Though a complaint has been lodged against him and he will surely be arraigned, the bigger question that needs a solution is: Why hasn’t the Congress taken any action against him? 

Is it because it is Hindus who are being denigrated? For a moment, assume that Punia had made a derogatory and pejorative remark against minorities. Would the Congress have been quiet? 

But one must also understand that the Congress has a pathological hatred for Hindus. 

Rahul Gandhi, the scion who has been an epitome and exemplar of failures during his reign as the Congress president and constantly gives out incoherent speeches had once trained his guns at Hindus. He had once broached the topic of Hindu or homegrown terror which was revealed through Wikileaks cables. 

Such behaviours by the top leaders of the Congress party define their abhorrence for Hindus and thwart any attempt to question the high and mighty Gandhi family. 

Aditi Singh should be a shining example of that! 

Congress, do get your priorities right!