Bengaluru: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or the RSS may be the bete noire or the Congress, but the Congress can ill-afford to neglect the mass appeal it has and the steps it has taken to reach out to the public. 

Understanding this situation, the Congress has taken a leaf out of RSS book and has appointed preraks, just like RSS has pramukhs and the BJP has pracharaks. The sole idea of this move is to increase the Congress’s reach among the masses. 

These preraks, or in other words, messengers of the Congress will strive to expand the party’s base and reach out to people and educate them on the views of the party on different matters.

They will also play a key role in busting myths and establishing a rapport with the people. 

The idea to have such preraks comes from former Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi who had advised the party to work on these lines. 

Preraks will also hold monthly conferences with the people with a view to discussing various topics of national interest. 

Preraks would be appointed on a divisional basis. Each division would have 4-5 districts. To maintain equality and fairness, the Congress will work towards representing all sections of the society. So that means, women, SC/ST and minorities would also get fair distribution. 

Initially, the in-charge of states will be tasked to identity potential candidates. Later, these preraks will undergo sophisticated training regarding different aspects of the party. 
The training will take place for 5-7 days with a view to building knowledge. 

RSS has inspired the Congress to work on this model. The RSS employs people who go door-to-door, educating people on the various aspects. 

With such a move, the party, presently in a crisis, hopes to revive itself and grow in terms of reaching out to more people.