New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was at his fiery best as he demolished and deracinated the claims of pseudo-liberals and pseudo-seculars that his government was dividing the nation on communal lines. 

Speaking at a huge rally in Delhi as he kickstarted the BJP’s campaign for the upcoming Delhi elections, the PM stressed and reiterated that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was not against Indian Muslims. 

He said, “The Muslims of India don't need to worry at all. The CAB and the NRC will not apply to the Muslims of the country. It's a white lie.”

The PM also invoked Mahatma Gandhi to drive home his point. 

He said, “Mahatma Gandhi had said that the Sikhs & Hindus living in Pakistan will always be welcome in India. This Act is in line with the promise the Govt of India made in 1947. Now that we're fulfilling the decades-old promise, why are they protesting against it?”

He also took a jibe at Congress leaders for their double standards over the law. 

He said, “It was former PM Manmohan Singh who sought citizenship for persecuted minorities of Bangladesh. If Modi implements his request, what is wrong? Even the CMs of Assam (formerly Tarun Gogoi) and Rajasthan (Ashok Gehlot) wanted it.” 

In a combative mood, the PM also didn’t spare WB CM Mamata Banerjee. 

He said, “Mamata too sought for citizenship of Bangladeshi minorities. She also wanted the UN to interfere and have a neutral view on the matter.” 

On the issue of several CMs not wanting to implement the CAA, he said, “These leaders have taken oath on the Constitution. They can have a talk with the relevant legal officers.” 

The PM also hit out at the opposition, saying, “These people have played similar games before. They even called me ‘maut ka saudagar’. They want to stop me. But they can’t stop me.” 

The PM also took a jibe at the opposition saying that they are worried because many leaders of Muslim countries have harmonious relations with him, and they are coming up with newer ideas to fearmonger Muslims.