Thrissur: While most of the students go to school in bus and cycle, Krishna from Thrissur uses a different means of transport. The class 10 girl rides a horse to school. She also travels on horseback when she goes shopping.

The video of the class 10 girl riding the horse was first shared on Twitter by a user called @manoj_naandi. His tweet currently has over 8,400 likes and over 2,700 retweets.

In the video, the girl is seen riding a white horse dressed in her school uniform with a schoolbag strapped to her back.

The video also caught the eye of the chairman of Mahindra group, Anand Mahindra, who applauded the little girl.

He also said the class 10 student is an example of incredible India and an icon for girl's education, Mahindra stated, "Brilliant! Girls' education is galloping ahead... A clip that deserves to go viral globally."

He also appealed for more information about her, saying that he wanted her picture as his screensaver.

"Does anyone in Thrissur know this girl? I want a picture of her and her horse as my screen saver," he stated. "She's my hero..The sight of her charging to school filled me with optimism for the future..."

Krishna studies in Holy Grace School, Thrissur and travels 3.5 kms daily to school on horseback. Krishna's horse is named 'Rana Krish'. Her father, Ajay Kalindhi, works as a priest in Krishna Temple.

Krishna who was seen riding horse to her exams, says, "One of my friends said that riding a horse isn't that easy & it's not possible for a girl to do that. He said it's only possible for women like "Jhansi Ki Rani". So I thought why can't a normal girl ride a horse".