There is a deliberate attempt being made to misguide the people to suggest that the Citizenship law would affect the Indian Muslims. The Opposition is on overdrive mode to ensure that the wrong message is conveyed so that there is widespread violence across the country.

The likes of Medha Patkar have been speaking out against this law and she has even termed it as a Citizen Amendment Law. However, she was not well received and during a protest in Delhi, she was booed and asked to leave the venue.

On the other hand, BJP MP, Dr Subramanian Swamy precisely explains what the amended law is and if one goes through his speech, it becomes clear that no Indian has anything to fear about.

When Dr Swamy explained it flawlessly:

During a talk on the amended law at an event organised by the Virat Hindustan Sangam, Dr. Swamy said that on November 27 1947, the Congress Working Committee said that the Congress is bound to afford protection to all non-Muslims from Pakistan who have crossed the border and come to India and may do so to save their lives in future. They would be protected and given full citizenship.

He said that Mahatma Gandhi had said that Hindus and Sikhs can come to India by all means. Dr Swamy told the audience clearly that Gandhi never said that the Muslims can come.

While explaining the amended law, Dr Swamy said this was necessary. Where do the Hindus go? The Muslims have hundreds of countries to go to. The Shias have Iran and the Ahmadias, Bahrain.

Here is the video of Swamy’s full speech:


When Medha Patkar got the boot:

An activist, Medha Patkar who has been pushing a false narrative on the amended law, did not have a pleasant experience. On Thursday, she was at Rajghat to explain why the law is not right.

The reception that she got was not exactly a kind one. There were chants of Modi, Modi and she was even asked to go to Pakistan.

To watch Medha Patkar being shooed away here is the video: