Leading a real estate business and taking it to the highest level of success along with retaining it for long is not an easy task. All thanks to the volatile nature of the real estate world, which keeps on getting affected the most with any bad or even hitch in the market. He started in 2001 with his group called SN Developers where he dealt with developing different residential along with commercial spaces. He was able to drive smoothly, defying all the challenges coming in his way.

But his stubborn nature to remain steady and steadfast despite all the challenges and hurdles coming in his way kept him successful all the time. At the age of 40, he is a successful man with too many cool projects to handle. He is the MD and co-founder of his group called Shivalik Group, which he has brought up with loads of care and professionalism in the market carving his niche hard in the industry. His personal traits have helped him prosper in the world making him successful. 

He is a calm and composed person who believes in working hard and going ahead with innovation.  His simplicity and down to earth nature speaks a lot about his personal healthy lifestyle, which is also responsible for making him an all-time successful person in this tough industry. He has bagged several awards like Best Realty Brand” and "Reality Lord of the Land” along with getting the 'Business Knight' award speaks a lot about his success story. His ventures like Shivalik Abaise', 'Shivalik Highstreet' & 'Shivalik Shilp' speaks innovation, which drives the world smooth.