Chennai: A 14-year-old girl was in for a shock when she led the police straight to her house after she rode on a bike stolen by her father.

The minor girl was unaware that the bike she was riding was stolen by her father from a 33-year-old man named Karthik.

Karthik had gone to a temple with his family. Upon his return he found that his bike was missing from where he had parked it.

Police said that the family looked for it only in vain. The man then lodged a police complaint.

A little after midnight, Karthik saw that a young girl was riding his bike and took an auto to chase her.

Karthik informed the police that he had caught a girl riding his bike and took her to the police station.

Police questioned the minor who revealed that her father had given her the bike just hours before the incident.

The police rushed to the girl’s house and arrested her father. The accused is in judicial remand. Four other two-wheelers have also been seized.

The man’s strategy was to park their vehicles at busy streets and wait till the police cooled off. He would then take the vehicles.

In February, the police had arrested two youths for robbing a bike fitted with a GPS tracking system.

The GPS tracker on the bike helped the police nab the thieves and recover the vehicle within four hours of the incident.

The victim whose bike was stolen was a 22-year-old youth employed in a private firm and had fit a GPS tracking system in his bike for safety purposes.

He had parked his bike in front of his house on Saturday night. The next morning on Sunday, his mobile phone gave an alarm which was linked to the GPS tracker. When he was suddenly awakened and rushed out, he could notice two people escaping on his bike. He immediately phoned the Police Control Room.

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