Chennai: The Chennai Police have cracked down on delivery staff of app-based food service providers. The delivery agents were flouting traffic norms by driving rashly and not wearing helmets.

According to traffic police, the number of persons working as delivery staff for app-based food service providers has increased significantly. Many of them have been found violating traffic norms for speedy delivery.

Police officers stated that in order to deliver food quickly, agents often risk their lives and that of other motorists and pedestrians.

Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, A Arun said they had held several awareness meetings with delivery staff and the management of app-based food service providers, asking them to follow rules.

The Hindu quoted him as saying, “Following this, we started a special drive to make food delivery boys comply with the traffic rules. On Friday night alone, 616 cases were booked against violators.”

Meanwhile, a 28-year-old food delivery boy said that they were forced to drive fast, as customers get upset if the food is delivered late.

The customers would then give them a negative rating, he added. “I am not justifying co-workers, but we have to drive fast to earn a decent living,” he said.

Some delivery staff claimed they initially used to get paid ₹35 for 4 km and ₹120 for 8 km and above. Now, it has come down to ₹15 and ₹80 respectively, they claim. As their earnings have reduced drastically, they are also planning a protest.