Bengaluru: Extending limitless support to the hard-working scientists of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) as the lander lost communication, 2.1 kilometres from landing on the lunar surface, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that science knows no failures but only efforts. 

Talking to the scientists at 8 this morning, the Prime Minister said that the entire nation stood behind them and there was no need to get dejected. 

“We came very close, but we need to cover more ground. Learnings from today will make us stronger and better. The best is yet to come and India is with you. 

Modi also termed the scientists “exceptional professionals.” 

The Prime Minister also invoked the phrase “amritasya putrah” an expression in Sanskrit which translates to “children of immortality” in English while addressing the scientists and trying to console them in the hour of crisis. 

Prime Minister Modi arrived last night and landed at the Yelahanka air base to be a part and watch the historic moment.

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The lander, Vikram - named after the India's space pioneer Vikram Sarabhai - was supposed to land on the moon's surface at 1:55 am following what ISRO had described as "15 minutes of terror". Communication with the Chandrayaan lander was just second before touchdown.

ISRO chairman K Sivan informed the Prime Minister about the communication breakdown. 

After Modi’s address, he walked down and shook hands with all the scientists present at the venue. 

What was most touching was how K Sivan could not hide his tears as Modi left the station. As a caring and doting father, Modi hugged him and patted his back several times, reassuring him that the whole nation was proud of the very endeavour the ISRO had taken up. 

While Vikram has lost contact, the Orbiter continues to be functional as it will go around the moon and map its surface.