President Ram Nath Kovind had presented Shaurya Chakra to Captain Kaninder Paul Singh, Rajput Regiment, 44th Batallion, Rashtriya Rifles in New Delhi on March 14, 2019.

Captain Singh is a nightmare for the terrorists in Kashmir valley. Not only once but twice Kaninder Paul Singh has risked his life to neutralise terrorists.  

Earlier in October 2017, Captain Singh of 44th Batallion, Rashtriya Rifles received a specific input of three terrorists hiding in a village in Jammu and Kashmir. Singh who is commander of Ghatak Platoon quickly and effectively laid the cordon of the target houses in the village.

While the forces were readjusting their cordon they noticed suspicious movement in one of the houses. As they got close terrorists retaliated with heavy firing on the troops. Displaying raw courage, Singh swiftly manoeuvered closer to the house where the terrorists were hiding and eliminated them. To neutralise the armed terrorists Singh put himself in mortal danger.

In another daring incident in March 2018, Singh recieved input about the presence of a large group of terrorists following which he laid a cordon and search operation in the village. The trapped terrorists started an indiscriminate heavy fire and tried to break the cordon. Captain Singh along with his buddy moved forward and immediately retaliated to terrorists firing.

In a counter fire, terrorists started firing with heavy small arms and lobbed hand grenades at Singh and his buddy. Unmindful of his personal safety Captain Kaninder advanced towards the terrorists and neutralised one terrorist. The second terrorist tried to take cover from the heavy firing, which also included under barrel grenade launchers being used by the hiding terrorists.

Exhibiting indomitable spirit and bravery in life-threatening situation, Captain Singh crawled ahead and neutralised the second terrorist in close combat and injured other terrorists giving cover fire from the house.

Captain Singh displayed exemplary leadership and valour beyond the call of duty resulting in the elimination of three hardcore terrorists in two separate operations.