Bengaluru: The worst fears have come true. Shiva Sena has extended its support to the anti-CAB protests being held across the country, with vandalism as the driving force. 

Instead of condemning the goons in the garb of students, Sanjay Raut, Shiva Sena leader called them “our students” and squarely blamed the Narendra Modi-led government for the chaos. 

In fact, he said, “The government is ours and the students are also ours. Their point of view should be heard and understood. And the government’s language- that this is the work of a political party, they are speaking the language of Pakistan, the people running our country should not use such language. The entire country is burning. It is not just about Delhi. Look at Assam. Whose government is there in Assam? It is BJP’s government. What is happening in Meghalaya? It is not Congress’ government. The area till Arunachal is burning. In Delhi, the metro is shut. I feel that the Prime Minister should immediately call an all-party meeting to discuss this issue.”

The CAB was passed by both houses of the Indian Parliament and later signed by the President of India as it became a law. But protests continue across the nation, with vandals in the garb of students resorting to damaging properties and shouting slogans. 

Instead of reining in the elements, anti-BJP governments are only fanning the riots, only to milk political mileage. 

Interestingly, the anti-CAB protests underline the fact that Muslims are being left out in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. But the government has reiterated that the bill has been framed on religious persecution and not on any other form of persecution. 

For those who have suffered other forms of persecution, there are other existing laws to seek refuge and even citizenship. 

The detractors would do well to go through the bill, now a law, in a non-partisan way.