Bengaluru: A twitter user Anurag Singh has systematically dismantled the Jamia Millia protests against the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB). 

The user goes on to illustrate with tables the pass percentage which is less than 50%. 


If that was the illustration related to the pass percentage, a graph which relates to PhD scholars and the ones who have passed. 


With the help of another table, the user goes on to show that a student, on an average, takes around 7.6 years to complete his doctoral research. 


The protests against CAB, now a law after the President signing it, try to highlight the alleged grave drawbacks in it, chiefly the decision to leave out Muslims (not religiously persecuted) as other minorities (non-Muslims) would get citizenship after fulfilling the criterion of 5 years, as against the earlier 12 years. 

The Modi government has maintained that the bill addresses only the religiously persecuted minorities and not other forms of subjugation. The government also added that religiously persecuted minorities can also claim Indian citizenship but in other existing laws. 

It should also be noted that Indian Muslims have nothing to fear in this particular law as it doesn’t consider their citizenship at all. 
It only gives citizenship to non-Muslims who have been leading a persecuted life and this number, doesn’t go beyond a few thousands. 

Furthermore it should also be noted that the BJP had promised in its manifesto that it would implement not just CAB and NRC, but also abrogation of articles 35A and 370 and the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code. 

We must also note that while Congress cries foul over the new law, it was Manmohan Singh as the leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha who had sought refuge for the minorities in countries like Bangladesh. 

As the violence spreads, we only appeal that it should stop. Meanwhile, as the matter is in the top court, one should wait for its views on the matter.