Bengaluru: High on destruction, but low on information. 

Protesters exhibiting their anger against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) have resorted to vandalism in the state of Bihar. 

A Hanuman temple in Phulwari in Bihar has been vandalized during the Bihar Bandh which took place on Saturday. The bandh was called by RJD which had made no bones in labelling the CAA as discriminatory and anti-Muslim. 

The idol of Bajarangabali was also desecrated in the temple. 

The CAA, passed in both houses of the Indian Parliament aims at giving citizenship to religiously persecuted Hindus and non-Muslims from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. 

These three countries have been cherry-picked because they have declared Islam to be their official religion. 

Those who have already come to India before December 31, 2014 are the ones who can make use of this one-time offer. 

The criterion for waiting, which was 11 years earlier, was reduced to 5 years as per the CAA. 

Protesters who are not happy with the bill, solely because Muslims have been left out, are resorting to hooliganism. Jihadi elements have hijacked the protests and making it a communal issue. 

The plight of Hindus in these countries is deplorable. As one of the them narrated, Hindu girls are kidnapped and misbehaved with, grocery stores owned by Hindus were vandalised and they even resorted to extortion. 

Some of these persecuted Hindus fortunately escaped to India on different visas and have taken refuge in Majnu Ki Tilla, a camp near New Delhi. 

Back to the issue of desecration, these jihadi elements have not limited themselves to temples. Be it buses or policemen, none could escape the wickedness of these lumpen elements. 

In his Ramlila Maidan speech in New Delhi on Sunday (December 22) Modi made fervent pleas not to target public property. He even made it clear that NRC would not apply to Indian Muslims.