Bengaluru: India is simmering as antisocial elements across the country have resorted to violence, arson and vandalism in the last week or so after the Indian Parliament passed the Citizenship Amendment Act, granting the much-needed citizenship to persecuted Hindus and non-Muslims of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. 

At a time when the entire country should be extolled and eulogised the Modi government for accepting persecuting Hindus with open arms, political leaders of different parties have seen it as an opportunity to incite and inflame passions.

1.    Digvijaya Singh, senior Congress leader

The loose-tongued and motormouth Congress from Madhya Pradesh wondered as to why Muslims should trust PM Modi in the wake of the Godhra riots in 2002. At a rally two days ago, he brazenly issued such an incendiary statement, with a clear and wanton intent to breach peace in the society. 

2.    Mamata Banerjee, WB CM 

The WB CM is always to known for her anti-Modi and anti-Shah rhetoric. You can add her hate for Hindus as well. She never misses out an on opportunity to hurt, humiliate and harass Hindus. While WB burns over the CAA, instead of dousing the flames, she has consistently urged the United Nations to interfere in the matter and have a neural view. It is clear as crystal that she has relegated the Indian Parliament and the Indian Supreme Court. 

3.    UT Khader, senior Congress leader, Karnataka 

As the coastal town of Mangaluru burns with 2 deaths being reported from there, senior Congress leader UT Khader has to be squarely blamed for it as he openly warned and threatened Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa that the state would burn if the CAA was implemented.

These are three non-NDA leaders who have, without an iota of conscience, fanned communalists, thereby contributing in monumental proportions to the unrest in the country.