Bengaluru: As you are reading this article, more buses would be torched, more railway lines would be harmed and more innocents attacked by goons in the dress of students or innocent protesters. 
All these antisocial activities are a part of the protest against Citizenship Amendment Bill, now a law, which is also sub-judice. 

Let’s reiterate that peaceful protests are a hallmark of democracy and no force has the power to question its legitimacy or stymie its effectiveness. 

But, it’s a big but. Why have the so-called protesters taken to the streets and resorted to thuggery, when there is absolutely no need for it? Firstly, the CAA doesn’t apply to Indian citizens at all. Be you Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian or whatever denomination you belong to, you are cent percent immune. 

It applies to only Muslims from the Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

Secondly, the Supreme Court has taken up the matter for hearing. So it is under judicial review. Trusting the highest court in the country, these vandals and goons and thugs should have not been seen in the picture. 

But the opposition, spearheaded by Congress, is spreading hate, lies and rumours with a wanton intent to put the Modi government in a bad light. The opposition is feeding gullible minds with wrong facts and figures, only to give more fillip to its propaganda of winning Muslim votes. 

The BJP has also released a 2003 video in which former PM Manmohan Singh, the then leader of Rajya Sabha urging the then deputy PM LK Advani to grant citizenship to the persecuted minorities of Bangladesh. 


Just spare a thought for the buses, the other locomotives and the infrastructure! It’s isn’t anyone but these lifeless creatures who have been scapegoated. 

These fires, these infernos, the different acts of vandalism all are an epitome, a grand advertisement of Congress’s appeasement.