Bengaluru: As the Citizenship Amendment Act was gazetted, the law came into effect on January 10, 2020. 

Earlier, both the houses of the Indian Parliament passed the bill and the President of India gave his assent, thereby making it a law. 

However, protests continue to grow across the nation over the Act, alleging that it discriminates against Muslims and violates several articles of the Indian Constitution. 

We make a sincere effort to debunk these theories and furnish the truth. 

CAA doesn’t violate articles 14, 15 and 21: 

As the lies are spread that the CAA dishonours articles 14, 15 and 21, it is to be noted that article 14 is applicable and holds good only among equals. 

The government envisages certain provisions in order to help the weaker sections and therefore, positive discrimination with this intent in mind doesn’t amount to violation. 

The concept of intelligible differentia, as the top court has reiterated several times, has to be applied here in order to uphold its sanctity. 

As regards article 15, it applies to only citizens of India and article 21 applies to those who live in India. 

Why only non-Muslims from Pak, Afghanistan and Bangladesh?

This is a very valid question. But the answer to this lies in a simple logic. All the three countries have declared Islam to be their official religion. So even if a Muslim is persecuted, it can’t be assumed that they are persecuted religiously in a country with Islam as the official religion. That is precisely the reason non-Muslims are being given preference. 

Moreover, these Muslims who are religiously persecute can seek citizenship under other existing laws. 

Are CAA, NPR and NRC linked?

This is another issue that many pseudos are needlessly peddling lies on. 

Again, in simple terms, all these three are unrelated. CAA is only a one-time law to integrate persecuted minorities with India on a social and emotional basis. 

The Prime Minister has consistently belaboured that CAA is not a tool to isolate but integrate and the NRC is still in a drafting process. 

So pay no need to any persuasion or coercion against CAA and be an informed citizen.