Bengaluru: The Prime Minister of India is akin to the CEO of a company. 

It is he who runs the country by formulating policies with his team. So he become the most important functionary. 

The current PM of India is Narendra Modi. 

As we all know, he has been on the hitlist of terror groups for a long, long time. 

It is the SPG or the Special Protection Group that gives him round-the-clock security. 

When an MP asked the Union home ministry about the cost allotted for the PM’s security, it has come to light that budget has allocated a sum of Rs 592.55 crore for 2020-21 for PM’s security. 

This translates to more than Rs 1 crore per day! 

Quite an astronomical sum. But the threat perception the PM faces is equally big. Hence the move to allocate the huge sum. 

While the move to allocate the sum is purely based on logic and not fancies, there are many who have been questioning the allotment. 

Incensed at such a move to doubt the allotment vis-à-vis PM’s security, Twitterati have pointed out at the fat that former PM Jawaharlal Nehru sent a plane just to pick up his cigarettes from Indore while he was in Bhopal. 


There are those who also question as to who footed the bill for this expensive jaunt. 

Moreover, when this incident took place in the 1940-60s, it is a known fact that the money used to pay the services for the aircraft used was from the “desperate poor and starving Indian public” as a popular website noted. 

Some others even wondered as to why the Gandhi family should be protected at high costs! 

Needless to say, such issues of safety and security should not be toyed around with. 

Instead, it is better to understand the gravity of the issue and remain quiet.