Bengaluru:  The suspense over the announcement of the candidate for Bengaluru South still continues. Just last week, the probable candidate Tejaswini Ananth Kumar, who is the wife of Ananth Kumar, an MP who had considerable clout in the BJP ranks, was all set to file her nomination. She had even announced that she would be filing her papers in the coming week, in the presence of R Ashok, former deputy CM and other BJP bigwigs. A gala celebration too was held in the area. But that evening, when the BJP released its first list, there was complete dejection as Amit Shah and Narendra Modi decided not to announce any candidate.

From that moment to this day, the suspense only continues. Though there are reports that Prime Minister Narendra Modi might himself contest from this region, state BJP leaders were not sanguine about these reports.  But now, with the name of the candidate being withheld, state BJP leaders themselves are in a quandary.

Sources close to the party say that when the state core committee decided to choose candidates, they did recommend the name of Tejaswini Ananth Kumar. But when asked why the name has been held back, they say that it is Narendra Modi and Amit Shah who take all the call. Earlier, these sources say, the list which was prepared by the seniors of the respective states would be more or less final, but ever since Narendra Modi and Amit Shah began meticulously and pedantically searching for candidates, the suggestions and recommendations made by the state leaders have a great chance of reaching the dustbin.

This sort of hide-and-seek play by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah indeed keeps everyone on tenterhooks.