Bengaluru: Ten years ago, Reena Raju, 38, replaced the heart she was born with. Now she has made into the Limca Book of Records, after undergoing a second heart transplant.

Earlier, the Limca Book has recognised her as the first Indian woman to participate in the World Transplant Games Federation (WTGF) that took place in Malaga, Spain in June-July 2017.

Frequent bouts of illnesses and tests from acute cardiac disorder, Reena underwent the heart transplant in Chennai in November 2009 after being diagnosed with dilated cardio myopathy (DCM), a heart muscle disease that leaves a person with a barely functional heart. The second transplantation was done in 2017.

The Limca certificate reads out that Reena is the first Indian woman to participate and be the flag-bearer in the opening ceremony at the World Transplant Games 2017 in Malaga, Spain.

The recent paperback edition of Limca Book of Records 2019 features her. She received the certificate from Limca in April.  She is also working on spreading awareness on organ donations through her Light a Life foundation.

Reena represented the country in 100m sprint and mixed badminton doubles. She underwent a list of necessary medical tests to prove her fitness and ability to take part in the WTGF which was required at the entry level.

The WTGF has been promoting education around transplantation and international sporting events to raise public awareness and increase organ donation. It is reported that only three from India had participated and countries like the UK and the US have hundreds of participants.